Namesake Creative is a family team of contemporary wedding videographers from the Tampa Bay area who create artistic wedding videography for local and destination weddings. We think every wedding video should be as unique and beautiful

as every story, every bride, every groom.



"They are such a smart, kind and funny team to work with. Our professional photos turned out amazing, but there is nothing quite like having a video of it. They captured so many emotions and so many special moments I forgot about or didn't even realize was happening. I have watched our wedding video every day since we have received it. Now that we have it, we can't even imagine not having it. They created a beautiful piece of art that will bring us back to our special day for years and years to come." 


"They managed to translate the overwhelming amount of love, affection, and friendship we felt on that day into something that can be experienced visually time and again. What's more, they captured so many moments that we missed in the rush and excitement of the day's events and encapsulated them in a beautiful, poignant, and jubilant way. We were amazed at how perfectly the finished film reflects the heart and soul of
one of the most important days of our lives."


Namesake Creative's St. Pete wedding videogaphy