Jordan and Andres have filmed weddings ever since they moved back home to St. Pete from Los Angeles in 2017, to fulfill a dream of working together and telling love stories for a living. 

While photography captures the visuals you've spent so long planning, wedding video records the feelings, the relationships and unexpected events, the atmosphere that blooms on the day, with tearful hugs and laughter that aren't in the itinerary.


You can't schedule these things, but recording them is something you don't want to miss. Jordan & Andres intentionally bring positive, calming energy to couples on their wedding day, and encourage all potential clients to read through the reviews and schedule a call with any questions. 

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When they're not capturing love stories, you'll find Jordan nerding out over fantasy books, Andres watching Golden Girls, and both of them completely enamored with their three-year-old, Winnie ~